Air Conditioning

Is It Time to Replace Your Air-Conditioner?

July 11, 2018

The comfort of having an air-conditioner is something we don’t take for granted, especially in Texas. At your business facilities, it’s important to ensure that your units are in tip-top shape unless you want to risk your employees’ comfort and your production line’s operations.

You might have invested in a few air-conditioning units some time ago. So when will you know if it’s necessary to replace them? It can make a dent in your budget when you do. Not all businesses are ready for that kind of expenditure.

There are a handful of tell-tale signs that will help you determine when it’s time to replace your air-conditioners. Let’s take a look at five of them.

Old age

The first thing to consider when replacing your air-conditioners is their age. How long have you had them for? If you’ve been around for a decade and you’re still using units from when you first opened up shop, you might want to switch those out for new ones.

The actual time depends on how you use your air-conditioners. Some will say 15 years, and others will say 20. It’s up to you to draw the line.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your air-conditioner shouldn’t go beyond its lifespan. When you think you need to make a call, ask an HVAC technician to assess your units to help you decide.

Grinding noises

You’re probably used to hearing a soft humming sound from your air-conditioners. That’s perfectly normal. But have you ever been rattled by loud banging or clanking sounds coming from these units?

If your air conditioner begins to whine like this, then it’s probably due to wear and tear. There may even be broken or loose parts inside that can be causing such noises.

It can be alarming, so try not to wear it out even more. Have a specialist check your air-conditioners to see what the problem is exactly.

Acid formation

If the refrigerant in your air-conditioner is unstable, it can cause acids to form in the unit. This can lead to your air-conditioner’s shorter lifespan.

Depending on how early it’s detected, you can still clean up those acid formations to prevent the compressor from burning. This is a typical maintenance recommendation for most air-conditioners.

Look for a licensed contractor to conduct tests on your air-conditioners to see whether they have this problem. This can help you decide on when to replace them.

No longer cooling your space

Do you still feel hot even when your air-conditioner is on? Does your facility still feel stuffy even though you keep your units running all day? Your air-conditioners have probably lost their efficiency.

This is normal as your air-conditioners age. However, they can pose a problem in your day-to-day operations. Your employees will not feel comfortable, and productivity can decrease.

Even if you hike up the thermostat, if your unit is old, it probably won’t do anything. Take it as a sign to have this air-conditioner replaced.

Increased energy consumption

Did you notice a spike in your electricity bill even without your utility company hiking their rates? The culprit might be your air-conditioners, which can end up consuming more electricity as they age.

Paying for more bills will just make your air-conditioners bad investments down the line. And sometimes, if you opt to have it repaired, it’s best to just spend it on new units or rentals.

If you’re not yet ready to spend on new air-conditioners, we’ll set you up with out chiller rentals. At CTC Air, we’ll help keep you cool at a good price. For a quote, please call us on: 800-388-5429.