Portable Chillers You Can Rent in Colorado:

Since 1977, CTCA is a trusted chiller rental supplier for businesses and facilities based in Colorado, providing a reliable 24/7 chiller support, delivery, and installation whenever they need it the most.

With 44 years of consistent quality service under its belt, Chiller Rentals by CTCA is trusted by countless business, industries, and facilities in Colorado for affordable and reliable rental chillers. Our dedication to helping businesses in CO get the right cooling solution at the right time made it possible for our chiller experts to help you with any cooling problem.

With our chiller experts available 24/7 every single day of the year, you can rely on us to get you the right rental chiller delivered, installed, and running wherever you are in Colorado.

Portable Chillers You Can Rent in Colorado:

Portable Air-Cooled Chillers

Need maximum cooling power? CTCA’s portable air-cooled chillers is your answer.

Our air-cooled rental chillers are built to provided maximum cooling for supplemental, temporary, and emergency purposes. Its capacity for high-volume applications is the reason why hospitals, refineries, power stations, and other facilities with the same scope use air-cooled chillers.

Our air-cooled rental chillers are quick to install and are made to function seamlessly even in the most demanding industrial settings without harming the environment, as we only use non-CFC refrigerants for cooling.

Portable Water-Cooled Chillers

Need cost-efficient cooling? CTCA’s water-cooled chillers is your best bet.

Our water-cooled chillers are designed to meet your specific cooling requirement while running at half the energy most air-cooled chillers consume. Our team of chiller experts will help you calculate your electrical needs so you can get the chilling requirements you need using only the existing power feed from your facility.

Our water-cooled rental chillers come at 10 to 1,500 tons for skid-mounted units and 100 to 500 tons for individual chiller plants. We can combine multiple units to meet your desired tonnage.

Enjoy CTCA’s "Complete Portable Rental Chiller Solution" Advantage

With CTCA, you don’t have to worry about finding accessories just to get your chiller running. Our Complete Portable Rental Chiller Solution means you’re getting all the important accessories so your chiller is functional as soon as it’s delivered. Our Complete Portable Rental Chiller Solution includes:

  • Electrical power
  • Factory processors
  • Flexible hose with quick connections
  • Multiple compressors with dual refrigeration circuits
  • On-board-pump
  • Diesel generator packages ranging up to 2,000 kilowatts

Just call our chiller experts and tell them what kind of cooling challenge you’re facing and they’ll ensure all the right accessories are already covered for you from delivery right up to installation.

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24/7 Rental Chiller Delivery & Installation in Colorado

Yes, CTCA’s chiller experts are always available 24/7 every day of the year to assist you in your supplemental, temporary, and emergency cooling needs. Call us anytime at 866-880-9097 or fill out our form so we can help you get the right cooling solution wherever you are in Colorado
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