Portable Chillers Available For Rent in Kansas

CTCA is proud to provide reliable and affordable rental chillers for businesses and facilities in Kansas for over 44 years.

Our steadfast dedication to providing quality rental chillers is the reason why countless businesses and facilities in the great state of Kansas have trusted us for over 4 decades and counting. Our highly-experienced chiller experts are always ready and equipped to help you with any cooling challenges you’re facing 24/7, 365 days a year.

Whether you need a chiller rental for your supplemental, temporary, or even emergency needs, you can trust our chiller experts to get you the right cooling solution delivered, installed, and operating in your facility in no time.

Temporary Chiller Rentals for All Kansas Residents

Portable Air-Cooled Chiller For Maximum Cooling

Our air-cooled rental chillers are quick to install and designed to operate in the toughest industrial conditions.

Our air-cooled rental chillers are extensively relied on to provide supplemental, temporary, and emergency cooling for high-volume applications.

If you need more cooling power, our team of experts can easily combine 20 to 1000+ ton plants so you can achieve your cooling tonnage requirements.


  • Installs quickly and runs very efficiently.
  • 20 to 1000+ ton plants that can be combined together to give you the desired tonnage needed
  • Designed and built for deployment in the harshest of industrial settings
  • Environmentally-friendly. We only use non-CFC refrigerants
  • Trailer-mounted and ready for quick delivery

Portable Water-Cooled Chiller For Cost-Efficiency

Our water-cooled chillers are made to meet your cooling requirements at the best rental price.

Using only ½ of the typical energy consumed by most air-cooled chillers, you’re getting the best cost-efficient cooling solution while keeping noise pollution down.

Our water-cooled rental chillers come at 10 to 1,500 tons for skid-mounted units and 100 to 500 tons for individual chiller plants. We can combine multiple units to meet your desired tonnage.


  • 100 to 1,500 Tons for skid mounted units
  • 100 to 500 tons for individual chiller plants
  • We can combine multiple units to meet your desired cooling tonnage
  • Self-contained plants with cooling tower and pumps, all trailer-mounted
  • Single power point connection

CTCA’s Complete Cooling Solutions For Businesses & Facilities in Kansas

We’re 100% dedicated to providing you the best cooling solutions. Going even beyond our 24/7 365 availability, we also provide you with all the necessary chiller accessories so you can get your chiller rental operating right upon installation. When you rent with CTCA, you also get:

  • Electrical power cables
  • Factory processors for unique cooling loads requirement
  • Flexible hose with quick connections for space and ventilation problems.
  • Multiple compressors with dual refrigeration circuits to handle redundancies
  • On-board-pump for the optimal flow and pressure
  • Diesel generator packages ranging up to 2,000 kilowatts

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Facing Cooling Challenges in Kansas? CTCA is Here to Help!

Our chiller experts are always available 24/7 365 to help you with your supplemental, temporary, and emergency cooling needs in Kansas. Just give us a call anytime at 866-880-9097 or fill out our form so our experts can assist you right away.
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