Chiller Rental Available in OK

Chiller Rentals By CTCA is the tested and proven chiller rental supplier for the Sooner State of Oklahoma for 4 decades and counting.

Since 1977, Chiller Rentals by CTCA supplied countless businesses and facilities in Oklahoma with a reliable 24/7 delivery and installation of rental chillers. We supply affordable and proven chillers, especially when businesses like yours need it the most.

Our chiller experts are experienced and well-versed with the unique cooling requirements of Oklahoma, ensuring you’re getting the quality chiller equipment, accessory, and expertise you need wherever you are in OK. Whether you have a planned or an emergency cooling requirement, feel free to contact us. Our chiller experts are always available to help you in any way we can.

Chiller Rentals in Oklahoma

Air-Cooled Rental Chillers

For the highest cooling capacity that can weather the harshest conditions

Our air-cooled rental chillers are tested and proven to supply maximum cooling even in the most demanding industrial conditions. We’re always ready to assemble air-cooled chiller plants beyond a thousand tons just to meet your cooling tonnage requirements.

We only use non-CFC refrigerants for our air-cooled rental chillers to keep your cooling in Oklahoma environment-friendly.

Water-Cooled Rental Chillers

For cooling power with maximum cost efficiency

Our water-cooled rental chillers are made to give you the temporary cooling you need while being cost-friendly. Our water-cooled chillers only need 50% of the total energy requirement compared to most air-cooled chillers.

Since our water-cooled rental chiller can perfectly work outdoors, it’s a great solution for businesses with small spaces and noise issues.

With CTCA, You Always Get The Complete Cooling Package

Whether you’re renting an air-cooled chiller or a water-cooled chiller, you’re guaranteed to get all the chiller accessories you’ll need to get the cooling you need right away, including:

  • Electrical power cables
  • Factory processors
  • Flexible hose with quick connections.
  • Multiple compressors with dual refrigeration circuits
  • On-board-pump
  • Diesel generator packages ranging up to 2,000 kW

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CTCA is Always Ready To Deliver & Install Chiller Rentals in Oklahoma

CTCA is always ready 24/7 to provide rental chillers every single day of the year. No holidays or weekends. Call us anytime at 866-880-9097 or fill out our form so our chiller experts can assist you right away.
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