Rental Chiller Available in Texas

44 years and counting! The HVAC industry experts of Chiller Rentals by CTCA have been providing the great state of Texas with 24/7 Chiller Rental support, delivery, and installation since 1977.

For over 40-years, Chiller Rentals by CTCA has been trusted by multiple businesses, industries, organizations, and facilities in Texas to get the right chiller rental that matches their specific cooling requirements as soon as possible. With our experienced chiller experts always available 24/7, we’re equipped and ready to deliver and install a complete rental chiller solution—from ventilation and energy requirements, while meeting the unique cooling requirements of Texas.

CTCA currently holds TXMAS Contract Number 11-56060 for our temporary chillers. CTCA’s veteran expert staff will help you solve any cooling challenges you’re facing with our custom-design program that seamlessly incorporates all of your available resources to create the best solution for you: the right cooling and cost-efficiency at its finest.

Air-Cooled Rental Chiller Plant

Our Air-Cooled Rental Chillers are designed to give you the maximum cooling capacity even in the harshest conditions. Just tell us your tonnage requirements and we’ll happily combine and assemble 20-ton and even more than 1000 ton plants to get you the cooling that you need. All of our air-cooled rental chillers use non-CFC refrigerants to help keep Texas environment-friendly.

Water-Cooled Rental Chiller Plant

Our Water-Cooled Rental Chillers are designed to give you the temporary cooling you need at the best rental price. Operating on half of the typical electrical requirements of most air-cooled rental chillers, our water-cooled rental chillers are the perfect backup for your business.

All you need to do is talk with our team of chiller experts so they can calculate your electrical needs. We’ll help you get the temporary cooling you need using your facility’s power source.

With CTCA, All Your Rental Chiller Needs Are Covered

We don’t want you to worry and running around Texas looking for parts and accessories just to make your rental chiller work. With CTCA, you’re getting all the necessary portable rental chiller accessories needed as a complete package so you can get the cooling solution you need right upon delivery:

  • Electrical power cables that match your rental chiller and your own electrical outlets
  • Factory processors designed for handling of low and varying loads required for cooling
  • Flexible hose with quick connections so you don’t have to worry about space and ventilation
  • Multiple compressors with dual refrigeration circuits to effectively handle redundancy
  • On-board-pump to produce the right cooling flow and pressure
  • Diesel generator packages ranging up to 2,000 kW to address the energy requirements gap for your cooling requirements

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Locations We Serve in Texas

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