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3 Reasons for Renting Chillers

December 22, 2017

Out here in the southern states, the need for chillers should not be underestimated. Our long, hot, and humid summers with their soaring temperatures will need cooling solutions when certain situations require.

Some businesses and institutions don’t see the need to invest in their own chiller plants, and with good reason. More than the need to use it, maintenance and storage concerns can be a problem. It might not be a good idea to invest in something that will be used infrequently, and resources can be better allocated to other things.

That’s why renting chillers is the way to go for dealing with the heat and when the need comes up. They are always available when you have to rent, and they will help make sure that you get the right cooling solution based on your requirements. Here are three reasons why renting is better.

Helps improve working conditions

Simply put, it’s simply torturous to toil in job sites like warehouses in the summer. A chiller will help address the temporary need for a cooling system in your office or business. You can choose to set up chillers either in assembly lines or at break areas. Doing so will help your teams maintain their productivity despite working in harsh weather conditions.

You will also not have to worry about maintaining dedicated cooling systems for seasonal use. You don’t need to think about upkeep expenses as well. Renting chillers will not require capital investment, so you’d have less to worry about.

Setting up for events

One-off events, or even annual ones, won’t usually create the need for you to purchase your own chiller. Since it’s not something you will need frequently, there’s no point in spending for one, even if you anticipate its future use. For summer festivals, concerts, and other big events, a chiller is recommended to help your attendees beat heatstroke and dehydration.

You can set up a number of cool-down areas across your venue, with chillers enabling everyone to get some cool air when they need to. You won’t even have to worry about installation and removal when you rent. It will definitely be for the benefit of everyone involved.

Providing emergency relief

Whether it’s from natural disasters or from sudden outages, emergencies come up. Since these events are unforeseen, not a lot of institutions will have chillers on hand, especially when they are not typically used in their facilities. Renting chillers will help ease the situation of the affected people until their circumstances pass.

When cooling systems in buildings break down or when temporary shelters are set up for evacuees, chiller rentals will definitely be the most efficient way to provide relief. These units will come as soon as possible, and you won’t have to worry about setting them up either.

If you ever need portable chiller rentals equipment, whether it’s an emergency or not, CTCA provides 24-hour services. For an instant quote, call us on: 800-338-5429.