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4 Tips for Hiring a Boiler Contractor

January 29, 2018

When building your business contingency plan, you have to make sure you find someone reliable to back you up when you need it most. When your suppliers need to deliver, you have to ensure that they follow through with their services. Your business will depend on the qualifications of these people in unfavorable circumstances. It’s only fair for you to know you can count on them.

There are plenty of considerations when it comes to boiler rentals. You have to ensure that your supplier can address your needs for any given situation. Whether it’s a breakdown at your plant or a rental for an event, they have to be ready for anything. Let’s look at four things you need to do before hiring a boiler contractor.

Research and be informed

Before signing on with any boiler rentals company, make sure you know your options. Understand what you need from your contractor before you go looking for recommendations or searching on Google. You have to establish your requirements first so you can ask important questions when you contact suppliers.

When shortlisting boiler contractors, look for the basics: find out if they are licensed or insured. If possible, see whether they have equipment that is compatible with your systems. It would also be good to determine whether they have a history of doing maintenance work or working with your current system.

Find out if they have experience

Competence is essential/vital/crucial for boiler contractors. You want to find someone who has sufficient experience with working with different HVAC systems. This means they should know how to work with systems beyond what you currently have, too.

Talk to the supplier about your system and see if they’ve worked on it before. Ask whether they are updated with current regulations or processes as well. It’s best to ensure their credibility and expertise right away. You don’t want to waste your time and money if they ever fail to deliver – do your best to find out whether they will before you partner with them.

Ask for references

Any credible supplier will be able to provide references without batting an eye. They will be confident enough to provide contact details of former clients who have hired them previously. This will help give you peace of mind and assure you of your prospective contractor’s capabilities.

Ask their former clients the right questions. If you have any particular requirements that the contractor needs to deliver, inquire if they’ve ever had the same need and how the company performed. It’s just good sense to get a better idea of your contractor’s working relationships with others.

Get an estimate

You can prevent sticker shock by asking your prospective contractor for a written estimate for when you need their boiler rentals. Have them take a look at your current system and allow them to determine what they need to do. Ask what equipment they will use and how much time it will take as well. Let it all reflect in the cost. This cost should typically be free as well.

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