How Industrial Chiller Rentals Benefit Your Company

August 27, 2021

A quick online search may tell you that industrial chillers are machines that remove heat by cycling the heat through a heat exchanger mechanism to initiate cooling.

But what it won’t tell you is how industrial chiller rentals benefit your company from a big picture perspective.

As HVAC veterans with over 4 decades of experience, we can share the top benefits we’ve heard repeatedly from happy clients. In this post, we’ll also explain case-by-case scenarios that might help you understand how industrial chiller rentals can truly help your company.

If you’re still unsure about the importance of industrial chillers, or you’re on the fence about getting one, this article will provide fact-based information to help with your decision.

Benefit #1: Operational Continuity

When cooling is down, most businesses are forced to initiate a downtime and stop their operations. If you’re in the industry of razor-thin profit margins where many people’s livelihoods are at stake, stopping your operations isn’t a viable option.

Utilizing an industrial chiller rentals on site will provide you with a solid and reliable cooling solution that keeps your profit margins and your team’s livelihoods intact.

Benefit #2: Massive & Efficient Cooling Power

When it comes to sheer cooling capacity and efficiency, it’s rare to find a solution that rivals industrial chillers. With industrial chillers, you can freely leverage economies of scale as the cost of running industrial chillers goes down the more BTUs of cooling you use per hour.

This is the reason why hospitals, refineries, power stations, malls, and airports rely on industrial chillers to sustain their operations.

Benefit #3: Ambiance Control

Aside from massive cooling power and unrivaled cooling efficiency, industrial chillers also offer ambiance control. This makes them a go-to solution for businesses like restaurants or hospitals looking for precise cooling requirements with little disruption to their customers and clients.

Even for businesses with variable cooling requirements, most industrial chillers offer cooling control options that allow businesses to adjust their cooling based on existing temperature, external environment, and present climate. This flexibility makes industrial chillers an ideal option even for businesses with unique environmental needs.

Benefit #4: Reliable Performance & Durability

Since most industrial chillers are used to cool massive spaces in the harshest working conditions, industrial chillers providers offer labor warranty as a set technical standard for buyers and renters.

This strong resolution to achieve reliable cooling performance and durability is expected as some industrial chiller types are required to run in an external environment, completely exposed to sun, wind, and debris. Renting an industrial chillers with labor warranty provides additional peace of mind that there will be no further cooling-related disruptions to your daily operations.

Benefit #5: Better Working Environment

If you have a huge number of employees working within a massive space, using industrial chillers to cool an entire building is a great option. Instead of absorbing the costs and logistical complexities of sourcing multiple smaller units, a single industrial chillers can meet the needs for your entire team, even in large warehouses or office buildings.

During the summer, relying on standard A/C isn’t just an inadequate solution in terms of comfort, it’s also inefficient on energy-use. Renting an industrial chillers to prepare for the summer seasons helps you maximize cost-efficiency while utilizing a solution that shows employees that you care about their working conditions.

Benefit #6: Equipment Safety

For businesses with expensive industrial equipment that serves as the backbone of their operations, it’s important to maintain the useful working life of your investment to maximize ROI. Industrial equipment is often vulnerable to temperature changes, especially to sudden exposure to heat or cooling loss.

Left unchecked, this can lead to your equipment overheating, which may lead to more frequent repairs and eventually a complete equipment replacement. Constant maintenance and repair aren’t just costly, it eats up your business’s productivity and wears your crew down. Replacement of equipment is expensive on its own, not to mention the opportunity cost of utilizing less-than-optimal equipment while waiting for a replacement.

By using an industrial chiller rentals, you’re ensuring the safety of your equipment and keeping your massive investment intact, all while avoiding the opportunity costs of equipment failures.

Benefit #7: Huge Cost Advantage

Buying your own industrial chillers can make a huge dent in your company’s finances as a typical 200-ton industrial chiller typically costs from $250,000 to $340,000 or more, depending on your needs.

Delivering, installing, checking, and maintaining your own industrial chiller also requires hiring a specialist to ensure all of these processes are completed correctly so that the integrity of your newly purchased chillers is maintained, adding to the overall cost of ownership.

In most cases, industrial chillers are needed for a limited duration only, so it can be difficult to financially justify the overall costs of purchasing a chiller unit outright. Renting a chillers unit for shorter durations allows your company to have the same high quality and control without absorbing the full cost of ownership, which can be especially helpful for short-term events or temporary use-cases.

We deliver industrial chiller rentals 24/7 nationwide

Renting industrial chiller units can provide a reliable cooling solution for high-volume, short-term, or emergency needs. With a rental, you can save your company the $250,000 purchase price of an industrial chillers and contact us immediately to deliver, install, and operate your rental unit 24/7 nationwide.

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