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Are Your Air Conditioners Running Efficiently?

October 15, 2018

Did you notice a spike in your electricity bills lately? You might be paying more for your cooling system than you need to. Some businesses overlook the need to have their air conditioners checked, and it could lead to problems like this.

There are a lot of steps you can take to help you lower your energy expenses. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean you have to shortchange your facilities or sacrifice the health and wellness of your employees. All it takes is a little conscientiousness about your cooling system and you can get that money back in no time.

Even if warmer weather isn’t going to come around anytime soon, it’s best to know how you can optimize your cooling system to ensure that you get the best value out of your equipment. Here, we share a few no-cost ways that will help you make it happen.

Check your vents

Are you sure your vents are clear? Sometimes dust and debris can get stuck in your vents. Even your furniture, curtains, or your other office equipment may be getting in its way.

What you can do is vacuum the indoor supply vents to ensure that they’re not blocked. This way, your air conditioners will not be overworked and you always maintain enough indoor air supply for your facility.

Check your outdoor unit

Of course, when you check inside, you have to examine what’s outside as well. That means you need to check on your condenser unit.

You want to make sure that your outdoor unit is working efficiently, so keep it clean as well. Make sure it’s clear of debris so that it can support your air conditioner properly.

Seal ductwork

You don’t want cool air to leak because of unsealed ductwork. It will sacrifice the air quality in your facility and it will cost you a lot in utility bills at the same time.

If you spot some leaks, repair it with duct-sealing tape. When you can, you can also get a professional to check your ductwork to ensure that everything is properly insulated.

Keep heated equipment away

If you use any tools or appliances that produce heat, make sure you keep them away from your air conditioners. This will affect their performance and might result in overexertion, which leads to higher energy bills.

When your air conditioner senses that the air in your space needs to be cooler, it will work harder. Don’t put unnecessary stress on your cooling system, so that you don’t have to pay more every month.

If you need additional cooling support for your facility without spending too much, we’re here to help. At CTC Air, we’ll help keep you cool at a good price. For a quote, please call us on: 800-388-5429.