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3 Ways to Save Energy While Staying Cool This Summer

June 13, 2018

Summer can take its toll on your business operations. Not only will your equipment be working twice as hard, but your employees will feel twice as tired as well.

Preparing for this season is essential if you want your operations to continue smoothly. This means looking out for your employees’ health and well-being while ensuring that you have enough power to keep everything going at the same time.

Did you know that it’s possible to ensure your team’s comfort and save energy at the same time?

Let’s take a look at a few steps you can take to keep your business operations manageable this summer.

Check your HVAC filters

When was the last time you got your air conditioner filters replaced? It can be costing you more than it should.

These filters affect your AC’s efficiency. It prevents dust and other pollutants from infiltrating your system, which can weaken its performance. If you want your air conditioners to work well, you need to switch out those filters regularly.

You can increase your air conditioner’s value by simply replacing its filter. At the same time, it will also help you lower your energy costs. Make sure you check your filter often and replace it when the need arises.

Check your ducts

Do you know how much energy you end up wasting when your ductwork is leaky? You also need to check whether your ducts need some work.

Through time, ducts can end up with cracks that cause leaks, which will also result to air seeping in and out of your facility. In effect, it can also contribute to a spike in your energy consumption.

You can fix this by getting duct sealing done. It will improve your indoor air quality and will help your air conditioners maintain their efficiency at the same time.

Schedule maintenance work

If you really want to prepare for summer, you need to make sure your systems will be scheduled for maintenance before the height of the season hits. Being proactive about maintaining your HVAC systems will always benefit your business and ensure your workflow’s efficiency and employees’ comfort.

By scheduling maintenance work, you will find out whether your air conditioners or heat pumps are performing well up to their efficiency levels. You can have them cleaned and inspected, as well as recalibrated, according to your needs. If you fail to do this and your systems give out, then you need to have a plan B for summer.

Did you know that renting equipment can be more cost-efficient and energy-efficient at the same time? At CTC Air, we are ready to keep you cool through the summer. For a quote, please call us on: 800-388-5429.