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3 Things You Need to Know About Commercial HVAC Sizing

August 15, 2018

If you want to make sure that your employees work in a comfortable environment, you need to have adequate-sized heating and air-conditioning systems in place. To do this, you have to consider a few things.

Before you decide on the kind of HVAC system you want for your business, you have to think about what you expect to do at your facility and how many people will be working there at any given time.

You might end up underestimating either one or both of these. It can overwork your HVAC system, making it lose efficiency faster. Conversely, you wouldn’t want to go with an overestimation as well.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing the size of your commercial HVAC system. Let’s go through some of them.

It depends on the loads

When sizing your HVAC system, you need to consider both internal and external loads that your business will generate in the building. These are just two ways to classify these loads.

External loads include weather conditions that your building is exposed to. These affect how much heat is directly being absorbed in the building. Meanwhile, internal loads include heat generated by people, lighting, equipment, infiltration, and fresh air, among others.

Both internal and external loads are added up when determining the ideal HVAC system for your business. There are different ways to calculate it so choose the one intended for commercial use. You can also get precise values to help you understand your system more.

There are design considerations

Not all similar buildings have the same loads. Other than internal and external loads, you also need to include your building’s design and location in your calculations.

The design is a major factor because it contributes to the condition in which your HVAC system will operate. These considerations include building size, indoor and outdoor design, and directional orientation.

In addition, you also need to factor in the building location, latitude, elevation, and relative humidity. This is especially important in this state because it can be humid or dry in Texas.

Don’t fall into the oversizing trap

You might think that bigger is better. This is not the case for commercial HVAC systems. Not only do they cost more – they also don’t provide more comfort like you believe they would.

Oversizing can lead to inconsistent temperatures in your facility. You can also have certain hot and cold zones in different areas because the air doesn’t circulate as much as it should. This can also result in poorer air quality, which can cause health problems.

If you need a commercial HVAC system that is just right for your business requirements, we’re here to help. CTC Air can set up heating and cooling systems that meet your exact needs. For a quote, please call us on: 800-388-5429.