HVAC Systems

3 Steps to Optimize Your HVAC Systems

May 23, 2018

If you want to keep your facility a comfortable and healthy place to work, you need to be more diligent about keeping your HVAC systems in check.

When was the last time you checked whether you have the right systems in place for your facility? Depending on the season and the volume of work your company is currently taking, you might need to reevaluate what you’re working with.

It will also help to check whether your HVAC systems are energy efficient. It can help save money and keep your employees productive at the same time. They’ll be able to focus more on their work and you can allocate your resources to other profit-driving efforts.

It can be tough to find out whether you have the right HVAC equipment required for your facility, especially if you don’t know where to start. But once you figure it out, you’ll be able to determine your options better.

Let’s take a look at three ways that can help you make sure your HVAC systems are optimized.

Check for damage

To start, you need to assess if your equipment is damaged. Did you know that you can be wasting so much energy when your systems are not fully functional?

Your HVAC systems can account for so much of your electricity bill, so it’s important to know whether your systems are updated. Otherwise, they could be consuming much more electricity, costing you a lot more than they should.

If you need to make upgrades and repairs, take note of them. These might come as unexpected expenses, but these are adjustments you will have to make.

It’s possible to improve the performance of your HVAC systems and save money at the same time. Most importantly, you can also ensure that your employees are working in a conducive environment with the right temperature.

Do some troubleshooting

Do you have pieces of equipment that have sophisticated programming? This will be useless if your pieces of equipment are not functioning efficiently.

Check if your systems are working to the best of its functionality. Also, check whether there are other parts of your facility that need to be replaced.

For example, if your doors aren’t closing fast enough, you might be unnecessarily losing more air than you should. Air leakage can affect your operations, and it can also be costing you more.

Find out if there are other energy wasters in your facility. Doing proper troubleshooting will save you so many resources and spare you headaches from faulty equipment.

Do costing

You might be thinking: why do costing now? It’s simple: you could be losing a lot more money if your systems are not well-fitted for your facility.

First, look at whether you have the appropriate size of equipment for your business. This affects your system’s efficiency. If you have oversized equipment, it can increase your capital cost as well as your operational costs.

Next, take a look at the total cost of ownership of your equipment. Its initial cost will only tell you one thing; its life cycle will help you determine whether it’s a viable investment or not. It will help you decide on the right solution for your facility.

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