Package Unit Rentals

CTCA can meet all of your package unit rental or emergency heating rental needs by delivering, installing, and starting up a portable rental package unit. Rental Package units are unique, all-in-one systems that supply both cooling and heating equipment in one “package”, for example, to provide air conditioning during the afternoon and heating in the evening. For more usage ideas view our list of common uses, and contact us for a quote.

  • 5 to 60 Tons
  • We can combine multiple HVAC rental equipment package units depending upon the configuration and capacity requirements of your facility
  • Portable skid- or trailer-mounted, ready for immediate delivery
  • Space-saver: unlike split-system units, all components of a Package Unit rentals heating and cooling system are contained in one location, making package unit rentals ideal for situations in which space is at a premium.
All necessary accessories are included as part of our rental package unit costs:
  • Flexible supply and return air duct work
  • Flexible chilled water or hot water hose
  • Rollers for ease of movement
  • Thermostat for heating and air conditioning
  • UL-rated temporary power cable

CTCA Rental Package Units

Our package units can sit on the roof or ground outside of your building, and they come in three types:

  • Gas or Electric Heat for comfort heating situations
  • Skid Mounted for space saving configurations
  • Trailer Mounted for easy transportation
  • Portable Package Units offer cooling and heating using the latest and most efficient technology
  • Portable Air Conditioning Packages cool your business and can also provide heat using electrical strip heaters
  • Portable Packaged Electric Units offer all-in-one air conditioning and an electric-powered furnace heater

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Chiller Rentals for Your Planned or Emergency Needs