Cooling Tower Rentals

CTCA is a leading provider of 24-hour emergency industrial and commercial rental cooling tower systems. Our cooling towers are designed to be quickly transported to locations with unplanned outages or emergency maintenance repairs. All cooling tower rentals provided by CTCA are fully functional in single and multi-unit configurations, so we can meet any water cooling need. Contact us today to get an immediate quote.

  • 50 to 1000 Tons
  • Multiple cells can be arranged to provide over 3000 Tons
  • Trailer-mounted, ready for emergency delivery

CTCA Rental Cooling Towers

Cooling tower rentals are used in HVAC systems that have multiple water source heat pumps that share a common piping water loop. In this type of system, the water circulating inside the water loop removes heat from the condenser of the heat pumps whenever the heat pumps are working in the cooling mode, then the rental cooling tower is used to remove heat from the water loop and release it into the atmosphere. When the heat pumps are working in heating mode, the condensers draw heat out of the loop water and reject it into the space to be heated. We offer three different types of rental cooling towers:

  • Wet cooling towers, or open circuit cooling towers, operate on the principle of evaporation. The working fluid and the evaporated fluid (usually water) are one and the same.
  • Fluid coolers, or closed circuit cooling towers, are hybrids that pass the working fluid through a tube bundle, upon which clean water is sprayed and a fan-induced draft applied. The resulting heat transfer performance is much closer to that of a wet cooling tower, with the advantage provided by a dry cooler of protecting the working fluid from environmental exposure and contamination.

If you aren’t sure which type you need, our team will be able to advise you based on your situation. Simply contact us today.

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